Sanvall Premium Camphor Block - 4 Tablets

Sanvall Premium Camphor Block - 4 Tablets
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Sanvall Premium Camphor Block - 4 Tablets

Sanvall Camphor is made with highest quality and the highest % of purity in the market. Perfect for the Travelers that are worried about Bring Back Bed BUGS and protect stored clothes from moths. Place one of these tablets or two in the inner linings of your suite case and bed bugs NEVER come home with you. Because of it purity the tablets do not leave a residue, unlike other immitation brands like DEER that are poor 50 % OR LESS quality and made up more of poison substance than camphor. It is also another home remedy to make sure your silverware and tools do not tranishing or rusting and because of the purity of these tablets no residue is left keeping it clean free and safe. Approved by FDA.


Product Features


  • Wards off Insects, Moth and BED BUGS
  • Old House Wife Remedy
  • Helps against Tools & Silverware from Rusting & Tarnishing
  • 16 Blocks - Each Block has 4 Tablets -High Purity 98% - No Residue


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