Sanar Naturals Organic Chia Seed

Sanar Naturals Organic Chia Seed
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Sanar Natural Organic Chia Seed - Salvia Hispanica

SANAR ORANIC CHIA SEED (Salvia Hispanica) 10 oz is the GREATEST source of Omega 3-6 Essentials. It promotes Heart and Cardiovascular Health. It is considered by Atlhelets as the BEST NATURAL SUPERFOOD that nature can provide. Just two tablespoons of Sanar Organic Chia Seed delivers 4.16 grams of Omega 3 and 1.37 grams of Omega 6. Chia Seed served as the power food of the ancient AZTECS, and according to Spanish manuscripts the AZTECS ate the seeds of this simetropical plant to improve their endurance. They called it their RUNNING FOOD because messengers could purportedly run all day on just a handful. The AZTECS prized this grain more highly than gold and they even used it as medicine. In Modern day Chia has been great source of Omega 3 & 6 and perfect for Diabetic and Gluten Free Diets.

Product Features

  • Healthy Weight Loss - Best Known Source of Omega 3 & 6
  • Improves Endurance in Athletes
  • Improve Heart & Circulatory Health - Spider Veins - Cardiovascular Health
  • Benefits for Diabetes
  • Guten Free -Vegan - NON-GMO - Kosher - 10 oz of Organic Chia Seed All Natural


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